Why I Think Bringing Stephanie Brown Back Is A Bad Idea!

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Ok I admit the title isn't entirely true. If done well, I would love a Stephanie Brown book but looking back at what the New 52 has done with characters I love so far I don't think bringing her back is such a great idea. The most recent example of the New 52 screwing up good characters for no purpose is by Scott Lobdell in the upcoming Teen Titans #0. For no good reason he has altered Red Robin so he was never robin. I would be okay with this if it was important but it's just not. I'm very confident Scott Lobdell could have written his story just the same without having to go and do that. and WHY has he actually done this?... for sales. To get people talking. Which in a way is a good thing but the New 52 is really starting to annoy me with it's controversial gimmicks! I don't hate the whole New 52 because to be honest there are some very good books from it. I just think it could have been done a lot better. They could have done what marvel done and made it one year in the future and not f***ed up DC continuity. That would have made more sense since its called the New 52 (year). So with Dan Didio teasing that Stephanie Brown has a future, I wouldn't be surprised if Stephanie returns as some miserable, grumpy teenager. I took part in the Waffles for Stephanie campaign but I do we're if their going to make this debate properly we should ask for her back the way she was.

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the only thing different about Tim is his name....Lobdell is simply trying to make sense of the new 5 year timeline....Tim still figured out that Batman was Bruce and still trained at his side...the name change just makes Tim a little better than the others imo...he wasn't a sidekick but more of a partner in training

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@danhimself: Ok fair point but I still think that was fairly pointless and I can think of tons of other examples where DC have ruined characters for no good reason. Just look at Power Girl and Harley Quinn. I suppose the batman characters have been left quite untouched but I still dont trust DC. especially since Dan Didio doesnt like Stephanie

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@danhimself: I'm probably looking into this too much but I'm just worried about the character. She was the first bat related comic I read and I love her!

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how have they screwed up Power Girl or Harley Quinn?

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I would like for her to come back as Spoiler and erase the Batgirl/being Robin history. I would like for her to be a Tim/Red Robin character again.

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@Dernman: I almost agree but I think its still possible she could have been Batgirl. I thought she was a great batgirl. And dont you think Tim should get his own book again. Red Robin used to be one of my favorite book but I don't like the book he's currently in.

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@Mediumflyer7:  It is possible but I think with the compressing they did it just causes more problems then good. Steph is an interesting character whether she is Spoiler or Batgirl. IMO there are to many characters that have had Bat in their name and I would like her to avoid that. Although there were some problems with his book ya it was a good one and if they did another I imagine that would be good also. Spoiler would fit in there much better then she would Teen Titans. She could be Tim's Catwoman messing up his work but not because she is a criminal but because she is a rival in superheroing. 
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I think it would be bad to introduce Steph and Cass as new characters, but more and more I'm thinking that's what they're going to do.

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@fodigg: Yep since dan said "she doesnt exist... yet"!!

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Setting it a year in the future doesn't make sense, because one of the things they wanted to do was make characters younger not older.

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@Mediumflyer7 said:

@fodigg: Yep since dan said "she doesnt exist... yet"!!

Lame. If they were going to keep all the Robins they shouldn't have cut all the Batgirls.

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@Avenging-X-Bolt: I was fine with the ages the characters already were. And apart from Batgirl who else changed age? I didn't really notice.

@fodigg: exactly. I really like the current Batgirl series but I dont really understand why they erased the previous batgirls from history.

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