Which actor to play Stephanie Brown

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which actor to play Stephanie Brown?

I have many names of actors but i will pick Chloe Moretz

She is blonde, beautiful, she knows martial arts( from kick-ass movie)

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annasophia robb is better

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Laura Vandervoort could play a good steph.

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Chloe Moretz would make a Bad-Ass Steph.

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Hmm I want to think on this.

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I don't like Chloe Moretz....I watched her on a late night talk show and she referred to her mother by her first name...what a douche

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Ellen Muth

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@othinus: hell yeah Chloe Mortez, I agree with you all the way

Im a better fan of Barbara Gordon character of Batgirl though but if they make a movie based on Stephanie Brown id like to see Chloe do it

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She already got the supergirl thing locked up. And she to old. She over 30 now!

kaley cuoco would be good for her
@loganrogue24 said:

Laura Vandervoort could play a good steph.

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