What I Want From A New SPOILER ongoing!

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Stephanie Brown/New Batgirl

A couple of weeks ago I posted a blog on why it could be risky for Stephanie Brown to return to the New 52! I basically discussed my thoughts on how I have not liked how DC have rebooted a few characters I liked. For example I feel that Tim Drake doesn't feel like the same character I loved in Red Robin. But although I am concerned for what a reboot of Stephanie Brown could be, if done well I would love it. Stephanie was the first DC book i seriously got into reading. I picked up her Batgirl series and adored it. And with more and more hints that Stephanie will return to the DC universe, this is everything I want the book to be.

What I Want The Plot of the Book to be About!

In the series she would still have been Batgirl but not robin. If you think about it she still could have fitted in to the five year time line of DC (First barbara for 2 years, then Cassandra for 2 years and then Stephanie for 1 year). She gave up being Batgirl because she wanted to go off on her own mission which is to stop her father, the Cluemaster! She would talk (similar to in Nightwing #1) about being her own identity and not having a bat in the front of her name. Her personality would be similar to her run in Batgirl except she would be less of a rookie and more focused on trying hunt her father. In the New 52 Arthur Brown (cluemaster) won't be such a ridiculous character. He will be more like Riddler in Arkham City, leaving coordinates to the location of his next victim and stuff like that. I also want her friendship with Cassandra Cain to still exist. Friendship in comics make them more relatable in my opinion. Another thing I would include is that she used to be the girlfriend of Tim Drake. If it were up to me I would rekindle relationship and I think It would also be interesting if she teamed up with Barbara Gordon.

Batgirl #24

Her Appearance!

I want her to have a purple face mask like the rebooted Red Robin does with her hair tied back. I also what her to have a body suit similar to the one in this picture except no bat symbol.

Creative Team

Gail Simone and Marcus To would be my ideal creative team for the book. I chose Gail Simone because she has recently said she would be very exited to write a book with Stephanie Brown in it and I think it is very important that a writer likes the character that they are writing about. She also has a lot of experience in writing fierce females. I chose Marcus To because I love the simplicity of his art and I've seen a few drawings he's done of Stephanie and liked them.

So thats what I would look for in a Stephanie Brown/Spoiler Book. Do you agree? What do you think of my creative team choice?

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I kind of agree with this,I always wanted them to get back together after Red Robin # 10.

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I think this is a pretty great idea, I dont really see it happening but it would be awesome. I'm personally a bit drained from all the Bat-family books but this is one that could be used to replace any of the others that mmight possibly get kicked

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