What do you Think Stephanie Brown secret Identity is

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The Spoiler Stephanie
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I'm confused about the question.

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You mean what's her "heroic identity?" Her secret identity is "Stephanie Brown."

As much as I liked her Batgirl run, I think she's good as Spoiler. Mostly because I want Cass & Steph as Batgirl & Spoiler.

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Oh, and here's a better picture for this thread:

You forgot her Robin identity you see. :)

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@fodigg: I think they erased her run as Robin, don't ask me to find the article again I've tried so I may have just imagined reading it in the first place

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You mean in the new DC?

Well currently she's an unknown.

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Average England College Girl, On Ordinary Batgirl

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everybody just take a guess or make up one

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I don't have to guess. I know.

My suspicion is this question comes on the heals of the latest issue of Batman Inc. For reasons unknown, you wish to put that issue into DCnU continuity, as and they just discussed on the podcast, it doesn't truly fit their, as Stephanie is Batgirl, at least, up until th end of the issue.

As discussed elsewhere, she doesn't truly have either a secret or real identity to fall back on in the DCnU. My feelings on the subject is Batman will find her a new identity when the time is right. I don't think she'll go back to being The Spoiler, as her purpose has been fulfilled.

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