the best superhero name for Stephanie

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the best superhero name for stephanie?

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@eunicegalaxy: Spoiler. It's unique, unlike Batgirl. I like for the Batgirls to have their own original names (Oracle, Spoiler, Black Bat). Batgirl just sounds too generic. Stephanie Brown deserves to shine!

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that's right, she's Spoiler... maybe she'll return in the New 52 as the Spoiler.. oh i really hope so

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Well, I liked her as Batgirl and would be ecstatic if she got to hold the role for at least a few more years.

But Spoiler was a very unique mantle for her. I think that, if she is reintroduced in a role aside for Batgirl or Robin, they should keep the Spoiler name but give her Spoiler outfit a redesign. Incorporate more of a Bat-element perhaps. I loved her Batgirl costume so perhaps an altered version of that would be nice as her new Spoiler costume.

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@supbatz: yup, like what I said above. Spoiler is unique to her. With that name, she might be able to have her own series titled "Spoiler" while DC can still have the Batgirl series with Barbara (it'll take a long time for her to be Oracle again). I don't think her outfit needs a redesign. I really like it. By "bat-element," what are you thinking of adding? I would be fine with adding a Bat symbol on the chest, but I don't want to change too much. I'm a big fan of Stephanie Brown as Batgirl AND Spoiler. But I feel Spoiler would be a more unique mantle. Plus, the lack of bat-element in her costume gives a little bit of freedom. That way she's not bound to the Bat family. I want to see her do some things on her own.

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I liked spoiler.

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@batmannflash: Don't get me wrong, I love the Spoiler design. But after seeing Steph's Batgirl costume, her Spoiler costume is lacking for me. Steph is a pretty fun character and her Spoiler design doesn't convey that to me as much as her Batgirl costume did. I liked her blond hair showing out of her cowl and the color scheme being black, purple, and yellow. When I'd look at Steph as Batgirl, I'd know I was looking at the lighthearted, fun Batgirl of the bunch.

As for the lack of the Bat element, fair enough. It does give her more freedom. I, personally, like her as more directly died to the Bat Family but I wouldn't be annoyed if she was kept a bit separate as her own element.

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