New Awesome Batgirl or another Sue?

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I don't know I never got to read the comics with her to know her personality. So I'm asking you guys out there8D! I mean if you read the comics with her in it. I'm only asking cause I was PSYCHED to hear she was brought back from the dead. I wanted to see more of her character. Then a friend of mine started lecturing me that she was just another sue. I admit to those who are Sue-haters on Deviantart(yeah have an account there:B). Her history could be seen as one. But still her history is just history. 
What do you guys think? She an awesome character or another Sue? I never saw her having suish tendencies. I never found her annoying or too annoyingly nice. But then again what do I know*shrugs*

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Depends upon how you look at it.she was definetely annoying back during tim's robin day's,always butting in when she should'nt. 
but currently no, the latest batgirl comic was AWESOME. my favourite read of the week. 
the last page between steph and damian was priceless.

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