Marvel will bring back Stephanie Brown or is this a joke?

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Marvel will bring back Stephanie Brown or is this a joke?

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Quite obviously a joke.

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Yes. It was announced that Marvel wanted to keep Doc Ock as Spiderman so to prevent the possibility of reverting back to old Peter Parker as Spiderman again Marvel and DC made a blockbuster trade that gives DC the rights to Peter Parker in exchange for Stephanie Brown, Wally West, Cassandra Cain, and Donna Troy. Sources say that the deal almost included the Kaldur version of Aqualad but they weren't able to make a compromise as DC wanted to get Harry Osbourne as well so they can release a buddy cop on-going featuring Peter and Harry. But the question is how will Marvel clear the cap space to keep two "Batgirls", rumors tell me that they might release all the casualties from Avengers Arena but something tells me that Marvel might just decide on paying the luxury tax.

*Rereads entire post*

Yes I'm that bored.

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Iy was a joke, a bad one at that considering there doing the same thing with Peter Parker

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if they could bring her back they will do but it was a joke

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@johnnygat: love the post so much i had to share it with a friend =p lol

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