Does Steph know Batman=Bruce Wayne?

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so now that Stephanie Brown is batgirl, does she know that batman is Bruce wayne? 
in her comic book, it shows that she knows Dick Grayson and Damian and Barbara and of course Tim Drake, but does she know that the original batman was bruce wayne?  
*Also, if she does know, can you tell me which comic and issue that is revealed? 

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I yea i believe so, she was robin at one point i thought

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Yeah, Batman trained her, didn't he? ... so surely she knew. 
& Steph is like, the love of Tims life, he woulda told her. (:

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@DEGRAAF: yeah but the books never showed him tell her, and her and tim never mentioned bruce... 
@Cherry Bomb: but even though they love each other Tim is pretty good with secret identities.. 
remember long ago he kept that type of promise with bruce and even though him and steph were serious he didn't tell her he was tim drake...this was wayyy before, like  Robin#120-something
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@Mrs. Tim Drake:  Yeah true. :/  but either way, I'm sure she knows he's Batman.
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@Mrs. Tim Drake:  maybe but he's told her what he was doing (trying to prove Bruce was alive) So if she knew he was "dead" than she would probably know how he "died". Plus if she knows Dick, Tim, and Damien, and now Barbra plus she has interacted with Alfred, she has to know
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@Mrs. Tim Drake: Recently she went to Wayne manor to save oracle, if she didn't know she'd be pretty stupid to not figure out because she knows the bat cave is under Bruce Waynes house lol.
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The facts make it pretty telling that she should have figured out that Bruce was Batman. First of all she dated Tim and now works out of the Batcave that just so happens to be underneath Wayne Manor. If she can't put two and two together she is offically the dumbest member of the Bat-family ever.

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