Does anyone have a list in which comics Spoiler was Robin?

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Does anyone know what comics Stephanie Brown appeared in as Robin?

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I remember submitting that a while back in the newest Robin comic. It didn't seem long, like three or four issues or so. I think they're Robin issues #125-128.

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Thank you very much!

Also, did she appear as Robin in say, Detective Comics or Batman or Teen Titans or some other comic, or was it only acknowledged in Robin?

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That I don't know.  I only submitted those Robin issues because I saw there were a lot of Robin issues missing at the time. I only remember Spoiler as Robin because I was like "Wow, Robin's a girl." I don't remember submitting Spoiler as Robin anywhere else.
You could cross reference by looking at the date of the Robin comics, then finding the issues in Detective Comics, etc. that match that date.

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According to her Wiki,  Stephanie appeared as Robin in Robin Comics Issues #126 - #128.   Her total "unofficial run" as Robin lasted a mere 71 days.  It states this does not take into account any other appearances in other DC Titles.  Is it possible she was in Detective Comics, Birds of Prey, and other titles as Robin?  I would say yes.  I would check with PGW, because I believe they have a listing of all her appearances and the books they were in.

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