Batman Inc's Take On Stephgate? (Batman Inc #3 spoilers)

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Sadly the article itself is down but here's the forum link.

So let’s sum up the panels. Young, blonde haired girl with purple glasses gets kidnapped and replaced with a red haired girl with purple glasses. Could this be meta commentary from Mr. Morrison on Stephgate? Morrison and Batman Inc has always been filled with little easter eggs, maybe this is just another. Though you be the judge.

If you read Action Comics #9 (also by Morrison) there was a not so subtle jab at DC and Warner Brothers over the recent handling of Superman, and Morrison has a history of doing little metacommentary in his books.

As an easter egg, it would sort of make sense. Grant was using Steph as Batgirl and Barbara as his Oracle/Cyber Tron Bat-lady in Inc. before the reboot mucked it all up, after all.


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