Stepford Cuckoos in Warsong

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I know the story arch has come and gone, but I still don't get it. Why did they 'trap the Phoenix' in their 'flawless' diamond hearts. I'm no biology major, but aren't there arteries and veins going all over the heart? How is the Phoenix 'trapped' there? Second, how it that their diamond hearts prevent them from feeling emotion? The organ known as the heart is a pump, it has no affect or control over the emotions! I know comic books tend to stray from reality, but if X-Men are all about genetics, why are the writers ignoring basic biology?!

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I haven't read that arc yet. But using the heart as the emotional center is sorta metaphorical (I would guess) it doesn't make sense in terms of biology but in a comicbook I can see why they choose to do so. As far as trapping the Phoenix inside there diamond hearts regardless of there being arteries and veins coming and going, maybe they get sealed off during the transformation, or maybe your expecting a little to much out of an X-Men comic. Some things you just gotta look past. There's really no rational reason for half of the stuff that takes place in comicbooks. Its more of a leap of faith.

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The writer was probably high.

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Well the cuckoos are clones or cyborgs??

and maybe it would be something in their unique genetic structure that would cause that to happen.....but its probably because the heart symbolizes emotion.
and idk about the first part
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well first it is a comic. second they trapped the phoenix there so it wont do any harm anywhere else. third just like emma frost diamond form she cant feel anything it goes the same way for them. fourth IT IS A COMIC SO NOT EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE REAL IF YOU HAVENT NOTICED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! last comics dont STRAY from reality they go waaaaaay passed reality.

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