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Stem Cell was created by writer and artist Adam Warren for his 2005 Livewires mini-series. She first appeared in issue #1.

Powers & Abilities

Stem Cell's stomach houses a limited function nanotech forge, allowing her to produce various technological devices and weapons from the extensive engineering database she has been installed with. This database features all sorts of weapons and technology, particularly from the top-secret organizations and black-ops projects she and the other Livewires have targeted. She is able to increase her production capacity by ingesting additional smartware, such as from the skin-like exoshell Livewires like her possess.

Aside from her nanotech forge, Stem Cell all possesses many of the basic design functions that Livewires are built with; such as a body that is considerably tougher than a human's, as well as strength, speed, and reflexes that go just beyond the utmost capabilities of humans. Livewires also have electromagnets imbedded in their extremities to allow them to stick to walls, as well as a group intranet that allows them all to communicate wirelessly with each other through thought.

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