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Stellaris destroys Celestial (panels from 2 pages joined together)

Stellaris, sometimes referred to as "The Celestial Slayer" first claimed that she was from a world that was destroyed by the Celestials. She escaped but began a campaign of vengeance against the Celestials. Ultimately, she rammed her armor into a just-forming Celestial at enormous speeds, culminating in a huge blast that enveloped the entire "Black Galaxy" and then shrank back down, providing the energy for the birth of the new Celestial. In later years, Stellaris has contradicted this story and claimed she remembers little of her past.

She battled Thor multiple times, first fighting him as himself then while Thor's powers were under the sole control of Eric Masterson who would later become Thunderstrike. After multiple confrontations, Stellaris seemingly gave up on battle and started living as a human for a time; even moving in with Eric Masterson for a brief time as his roommate. After a discussion with Eric where Stellaris hinted at having feelings for him and he did not seem to reciprocate, Stellaris once more donned her armor and left earth for parts unknown.

Stellaris goes dormant for over a decade after this, only to briefly resurface years later on a fringe world of the Kree empire during the Annihilation war as one of Gamora's female graces. Stellaris and Nebula encounter Ronan the Accuser who is on their planet in pursuit of their fellow grace, Tana Nile. Stellaris engages Ronan and he dispatches her with ease; his hammer weapon destroying Stellaris' armor completely; perhaps irreprably. Ronan being able to do this puts Stellaris' Celestial slaying past into question as, if Stellaris was truly able to take down a Celestial, there is no way that Ronan could destroy her armor so easily as Ronan would not be a match for a Celestial. This was either the result of sloppy writing, the writer having little familiarity with Stellaris or perhaps proof that Stellaris' reputation was largely false.


Stellaris was created by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz in 1990 and first appeared in Thor # 419.


Stellaris is thought to wear a power suit that can respond to her thoughts and transform to meet her needs. Her suit can pierce through illusions and generate weapons for her. She is able to fly using the suit. She has stood her ground in hand-to-hand combat with both Thor and Hercules.

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