Steel in action comics #4

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so john henry irons will be making the first steps to becoming steel in a back story in action comics #4 how do you think it will happen

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I have not even the foggiest of ideas... I was a fan of his original story... however, I think it is both appropriate and encouraging that he is going to be re-developed in this fashion... the kicker will be the alteration they make and will either make or break the potential of the character. I think that there are enough Steel fans out there that he could pull some real interest. In January of last year he had a one-shot that I hoped would lead to an eventual either series or team membership of some sort... sales figures for that were pretty high, but in part due to the participation of the issue in the crossover of the time.

I'm also curious about the timing of his origin events... should be interesting, no matter how they play it.

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i see what u mean

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Cool. I assume the backstory will be written by Morrison?

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Pretty obvious this was going to happen. You can't have Irons around a STEEL suit without him eventually putting it on and becoming Steel

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I think that they're going to keep the major part of his story, in which he developed some sort of weapon and then finds out that it's on the street or being used improperly.
My big question is why he will decide to use Supes' shield, since Superman is not very well established yet. I think he'll start under his own accord and then work with Superman. Either that, or his origin will be based after the events of the current Action Comics.

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So technically this makes him the second hero for the DCnU! :O 3rd if we take Batman's secrecy into account.

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@Or35ti said:

So technically this makes him the second hero for the DCnU! :O 3rd if we take Batman's secrecy into account.

Out of the public ones, yes, he'd be the second superhero. Batman's been working secretly for some time, and then theres Stormwatch, who have supposedly been working in secrecy for centuries...

edit: How on earth the Green Lantern stuff fits into all that, I have no idea.

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