How I would do it (Steel)

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I would have John Henry Irons be inspired by Superman and to want to make a difference like him. So when ever John learns that his new weapons designs are in the hands of local gang members he would do anything to stop them. John would use his experimental formula to turn himself into a real Man of Steel (so he would look a lot like he did in 52 but he can make the steel go away kinda like Colossus). After that John would develop weapons for himself to aid in the battle such as a sledge hammer, a wrist gun, and a jet pack (he wouldn't use all the time). Sometime after stopping the gang he would meet and begin to work with Superman on a regular basis. Also, Superman would suggest John call himself Steel. When John discovers that his niece Natasha wants to be a hero like him (and not wanting her to be just like him) he contacts his friend Curt Metcalf to help him develop a suit of armor for her so she can go on patrol with him.

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I like it. I liked the living steel armor he had in 52 and was actually upset to see it go.

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@DEGRAAF: Why did it have to go?

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@infonation: It's been a while since i read it but it was a virus caused by Lex or something and it was eventually going to make him basically a solid statue or something. I thought he ended up hardening and then broke out of the steel skin to end up being just a normal human again or something.

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@kincart: I think he flies with a antigravity field but with some armour jet boots which I prefer. personally I'd like to see him slowly try to mimic or counter superman's abilities using tech.

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