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As the Red Guardian,  he was a member of Supreme Soviets, where he battled the  Soviet Super-Soldiers for defecting from mother Russia. Later, with the aid of Captain America, he battled a bear-like creature composed of the Darkforce, managing to defeat and disperse the creation. 

Mayor Story Arcs

Hero of the People

In an effort to enhance their PR, The Supreme Soviets later became known as the People's Protectorate, and Petkus stayed on as one of the team members.While in the People's Protectorate, he teamed with the Avengers and Alpha Flight  and battled the Peace Corpse, the Atlantean  Army, and the Combine. He and the  Protectorate also battled against the Hulk and Igor Drenkov. 

Winter Guard

When the team were again rebranded as The Winter Guard, Petkus renamed himself Steel Guardian and remained on the team. However, when the original Darkstar died in battle, the Government planned to replace her with a doppleganger without informing the public. As a result, Steel Guardian,  Powersurge, Vanguard and several others left the team in disgust. They formed The Protectorate and travelled to Limbo, seeking Immortus to plead for the return of Darkstar to the timestream. Immortus agreed to the demand, on the proviso that the team remained in Limbo for a year, helping to fight off a Dire Wraith invasion. During this year, Steel Guardian was stabbed through the chest by a Wraith and killed in action.

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