the_poet's Steed and Mrs. Peel #3 - Fox & Geese review

Checkmate, Mr. Steed

The series begins to get interesting with the third issue of Steed and Mrs. Peel (or as I like to call it "The Avengers")

The Good: Speeding Up and art

I can't say I have not enjoyed the previous two issue, but I think this is my favorite as it stands. This is where the action starts to speed up. We have meet the antagonist of this series and might I say it is an interesting one with all the game aspects. The Avengers always gave the villains this quirky sense to them, which almost questioned if we should take them seriously and then their quirkiness becomes dangerous. I also love how this villain is also connected to the Ministry (where Steed gets his orders from). It adds more connections to the story.

One thing I notice in this issue is that the art has only improved since the beginning. Steed looked like his actor, but I wasn't too crazy about the way Ian Gibson portrayed some other less important characters. However, in this issue he adds details even to characters who are not part of the story and merely background characters.

The Bad: Formatting and cover

This comic was originally published in 1990 by Eclipse. That version of Steed and Mrs. Peel was actually only 3 issue in length. However, Boom! Studios has reformatted this new reprint miniseries to be 6 issues in length. So, the first two issues of this series would be equal to that of the content of the first issue of the Eclipse series. I have not seen a problem in the past for this new formatting. Indeed, the first issues moved smoothly. However, the ending of this issue seems off. I think if Grant Morison or Ian Gibson had intended to have a break right then, they would add a little something which would feel like an ending. As it is, this comic's ending seems abrupt and leaves you in the middle of a scene, which something that does not feel like a good place to stop.

I also want to complain about the cover. It has something to do with what we will see in issue #4 and I am sure in the original formatting I would say this is a great cover with Tara King and I would understand its purpose. however, with the story split, I do not see the purpose in this cover. Tara King does not appear once on the inside of this issue. It is only on the cover that she appears, so i really wish we could get something different such as the variation cover seen to the right of this review.

The Conclusion

This is a good issue. The action is great and the story is wonderful. Can't wait to read the next issue!

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

Cool image.

Posted by The Poet

@kfhrfdu_89_76k said:

Cool image.

yeah, I thought so too


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