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In STEAMPUNK: CATECHISM, readers were introduced to man out of time Cole Blaquesmith and the wildly imaginative world he calls home. Now Blaquesmith's adventure shifts into high gear in STEAMPUNK, a new CLIFFHANGER PRODUCTIONS ongoing series from writer/co-creator Joe Kelly (ACTION COMICS, X-Men, Deadpool) and artist/co-creator Chris Bachalo (THE WITCHING HOUR, DEATH: THE HIGH COST OF LIVING, Generation X), inked by Richard Friend (WILDCATS). Joining the roster of popular books that includes CRIMSON, BATTLE CHASERS and DANGER GIRL, STEAMPUNK has an ambitious publishing plan that will allow Kelly, Bachalo and Friend to maintain high standards of quality and reliability. STEAMPUNK will be released monthly in story arcs of five issues, with 2-3 months hiatus planned between arcs. Planned to fill the gaps between arcs will be collections, Specials and other STEAMPUNK material, ensuring that STEAMPUNK will maintain a consistent presence on the shelves. STEAMPUNK #1 is published in both a STANDARD EDITION and a special, chromium-covered edition, matching the hit CHROMIUM first-issue editions of the CLIFFHANGER debuts of DANGER GIRL, BATTLE CHASERS and CRIMSON, with the CHROMIUM EDITION limited to 7,500 copies. In STEAMPUNK #1, readers return to CATECHISM's dystopic London, where dock worker Cole Blaquesmith has awakened from a century-long sleep to find his body transformed into a bizarre, mechanized construct. Cole strives to set things right in a twisted version of the 1800s ? a reality for which he himself may be responsible. Joining Cole on his quest is a cast of strange and unforgettable characters, such as the half-man/half-rat Rabid Randy and the sublimely seductive robotic temptress Fiona. Spanning the globe, they test the limits of retrotechnology in impossible soaring pirate ships, atomic-powered submersible oceanliners and coal-powered bullet trains. On their quest, they constantly cross paths with an array of enemies as distinctive as the world they inhabit. The sadistic Dr. Absinthe (who may know the secret to Cole's transformation), steam-driven robotic juggernauts, mechanical analog Computrons, and genetically altered foes such as Batcat, the Animen and the Dog Soldiers are just some of the twisted villains in Cole's way. STEAMPUNK weaves elements from history, fantasy and science-fiction into a spellbindingly original high-adventure series that is truly epic in scope and is a high- powered addition to the CLIFFHANGER line.    







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