Why did the Milestone Charactors Have to Change

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some time ago a good handful of Milestone chsractors were reintroduced to the DCU. Unfortunentley these arn't the same Milestone heroes that existed in earlyer years. They have been changed. For exeample Static, probably the greatest hero in the milestone Universe, was changed into being a violent serious hero. in the earlyer years he was fun and comicial. Syayic is just one exeample of ruined heroes in milestone. Many heroes are still missing frome the lineup of reborn heroes from the milestone unoverse. the charactors that are still missing are the Blood Syndicate, Kobalt and Page. Bring these charactors back and ceep them the way they were. I know the oroginal charactors might be to violent for the DCU but this is what made them great. Tell me what you think. Thanks for reading! 

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Someone tell me!!!

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