Well, now what?

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So, apparently, Young Justice won't be renewed for a third season. What happens to Static now? It seems like every time he gets some exposure in something ,it gets canceled.(Teen Titans book, New 52 book, and now Young Justice) I have a feeling that he's going to get shelved and we are going to be waiting a long while to see him again. He's not even being featured in any comics at the moment, not even as a guest and now he gets shown on tv for the first time in over a decade and the show promptly gets canned. He was the only reason I started watching Young Justice. This is getting ridiculous, anybody agree? Any new ideas for him?

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He'll be back, just not sure when or in what capacity.

Without McDuffie its going to be rough sledding with the character.

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@SUNMAN said:

He'll be back, just not sure when or in what capacity.

Without McDuffie its going to be rough sledding with the character.

All right so every knows the plan then. All we have to do is resurrect McDuffie. I came up with it...it's up to y'all to carry it out while I go back to chasing my dog around the room.

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Maybe put Static in Ravagers ?

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Didn't Lobdell say a few months back at a convention that Static was going through some legal issues? I think there may be a problem between DC and Milestone in general.

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Most of the teen titles are troubled and will probably get cancelled. Justice League already has Black Lightning so they also don't need Static or Black Vulcan. My guess is we should see cancels or reboots for Ravagers and Legion soon bec. nobody in comicvine is even talking about them. Even the Teen Titans title might be in danger.

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I bet half of those Teen books would still be running if DC would just get some competent writers that actually know what the hell they're doing. How DC thought it would be a good idea to have Scott Freaking McDaniel write statics book instead of John Rozum still boggles my mind because Rozum used to work at Milestone and was close friends with Dwayne McDuffie. Therefore, he knew Static better than anybody else, so what made them think a hack like McDaniel could do static justice?

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Maybe, they should start a teen team book or show with Static, Blue Beetle and other relatively unknown heroes as the core members. I'm tired of the Robin and co. team books and shows. Why can't they make a book with new core members? Is there some sort of rule that there can only be one teen team book? Or that teams can only be led by one of the Bat-family members? There has to be some non-superpowered heroes that they can use not named Batman, Robin, or Batgirl. With all of the heroes that DC has at its disposal you would think at some point they would get the picture that some people want to see different characters and story lines. If McDuffie was still alive he probably would have said something about the lack of use of his characters at this point.

ditto on the Rozum thing

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Why does the universe seem to hate Static? Seriously, give him a book!

@StatFan201: Exactly. Characters like Red Robin or some other legacy character will ALWAYS get another shot, possibly in a few months, but we hafta wait years for Static to be used properly.

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dc needs to develop other teen team books in addition to the old sidekick title, and I think Ravagers is a good start but just get rid of Harvest. Not sure why dc can't find a place for Static, Hawk and Dove.

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Its sad I really fell in love with the Static in the old Milestone comics days I really wish they would do more with him.

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I still have hope that static will get the respect he deserves someday.

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@Black_Claw: that day isnt coming fast enough

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I've always held out hope they might throw us a bone and have Old Static in Justice League Beyond but he has only gotten a cameo in one panel (Digital Chapter 7). The possible legal issues probably aren't helping. I would like to see a book where Static and Blue Beetle team up though Threshold continuity might make that tricky. I could see Blue having Gear-like interactions with Virgil and if they increased the yellow in Static's costume they could be the new Blue and Gold.

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i'd like to see Static either join the Teen Titans once Lobdell leaves or have him join the JL when he gets older.

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Anybody heard anything about Static lately?

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Well a fan film was released recently called Static Shock Phenomenon. But then again, it's just a fan film, no official news about Static from DC just yet.

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