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How many Batman books and shows do we need? He has more movies than any other other superhero that I can think of:

Batman, Batman Returns, Batman and Robin, Batman Forever, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises

It's so ridiculous that they just finished a trilogy and are already talking about a reboot. How about taking some of the talent that is bolstering up his already overdone resume and applying it to other less known characters?

Can we get at least one team show where the main character/ leader is not one of the Bat-Family members? I understand that their popular characters but they seem to be the most prominent characters on every show. What's wrong with Static, Blue Beetle, Beast Boy or anyone else being a leader for a change?


Same problem as Batman but to a lesser extent.

The problem that I think he has in movies is that I think he got so overpowered over the years that people can't take him seriously whenever he gets beaten. You can't help but think "Why doesn't he just fly to Lex Luther and tear him a new one, because the guy is inevitably going to hatch a plan to take over the world."

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Because Batman is what can easily make DC money. It's about what sells rather than if its tired or not.

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