Static Shock new book series compared to the Animated Series

#1 Posted by papad1992 (7015 posts) - - Show Bio

Are they gonna infuse some characters from the show that made Static static!?!? Or are they gonna completely wipe them from our memories!!?? Cause I would love to see Gear appear and Rubberband Man and also Ebon, Talon, Shiv, Kangor, Hot Streak, Camendillo... Those were some cool characters!!! What about Daisy and Frieda!?!? I think if they combine those characters into this series it would be a whole lot better!! Because right now it's kinda monotone!!

#2 Posted by BlackArmor (6210 posts) - - Show Bio

doubt it

#3 Posted by Joygirl (20819 posts) - - Show Bio

LOL Rubberband Man. I couldn't think of a sillier name if I tried.

#4 Posted by danhimself (21245 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm barely keeping this series on my pull list...if it doesn't surprise me soon then it's getting dropped

#5 Posted by TheTrueArturoKayvee (14182 posts) - - Show Bio

I bought the first two issues and decided it would be best to remove it from the pull list. If i hear good reviews with the new writer i might be considering picking it up again. But i highly doubt that they're going to show anyone from the show. They're trying to separate Static from Static Shock, last I heard.

#6 Posted by Static Shock (48221 posts) - - Show Bio

Frieda was mentioned in issue #2.

#7 Posted by Virgil Hawkins (9 posts) - - Show Bio

^What he said.

They did say Static will be receiving a blast from the past, but I doubt if they bring most of his former enemies back in Dakota to New York City. I think DC wants something new for him. With that underground criminal organization that wants to get rid of him (Pirahana, Virule and the slaters, etc.) I don't believe they'll be bringing back any old villains at all.

#8 Posted by Benuben (233 posts) - - Show Bio

You do realise Static was there before the cartoon? And it is only 3 issues. That is like if this was new cartoon and you watched first episode.

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