Static Shock #1 trailer (interior art)

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bump, excited about the new series
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i can not wait for the new issue one!!
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I am so pumped for this.

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It does look awesome. I will be picking this one up.

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I dunno. The new art style seems electrifying but I worry the new Virgil won't be very grounded compared to his original title.

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Yeah, I went to pick up the first run of Static. I think they will lose the social commentary for fear of throwing off mainstream readers and just focus on him fighting "creatures." I hope they do right by this character though. Looks like he will have Hardware as a mentor and might even be supplying him tech.

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i will add static to my pull list for the new 52 DC universe. static has always been one of my favorite characters. 

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well, it looks like I've found at least one book i want to get

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I can't wait to read this!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really hope this book shines in the New 52. I hope this series lasts decades longer than his series at Milestone because I really like his comic and television series. Count me in as a customer.

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