Fast Foward a Little?

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I've made it pretty clear that I have pretty much no interest in seeing Virgil as a grown ass man in other topics. When in reality what I'd like to see more than anything is a more Milestone/Ultimate Spider-Man style adventure telling of Virgil throughout high school.

But that isn't exactly what this thread is about. Would anyone besides me like also to see a story of Static in his early years of college? I'm of the opinion Static should always be a young character, in his teens to early twenties at most. What could await Virgil after the headache that is high school is over?


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Yeah, as a matter of fact I'd like it if he were a freshman in college at age 18. That way he can be old enough to function on his own as a young adult but at the same time, he would still technically be a teenager.

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college would be sweet. so many possibilties

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College or even Med School would be awesome.

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i would be ok with this

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