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This is not a battle thread There is no reason that Static can't be to DC what Spiderman is to Marvel. There is no reason that Flash and Wonder Woman should not have live-action movies by now. As a matter of fact there is no reason that DC should not be competing with Marvel period. The only thing that is preventing this from happeneing is DC's lack of a push for any diversity. When I say diversity I'm not necessarily strictly talking about minority characters, I'm talking about characters not named Superman, Batman and the rest of the Bat-family. Over the last decade Marvel has managed to showcase more different superheroes on the big screen than DC has in three and it seems to have worked out pretty well for them. There are more superheroes than Superman and Batman in the DC universe. As far as the books go Batman doesn't need five books to show how cool he is one, maybe two does the trick. I'm tired of the same excuse of 'well those charcters don't sell as well as the others' No kidding if some effort was put into promoting them maybe they would. DC needs to take a hint from Marvel and diversify then maybe they can actually compete.

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They should just change their name to Batman and sometimes Superman Comics

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@BlackWind said:

They should just change their name to Batman and sometimes Superman Comics

Lol. I was about to say the same thing. But I think that they're trying to give some heroes other than supes and bats some spotlight. I'm starting to see a lot of Green Lantern Merchandise in stores lately and plus there's the animated series so it's a start I guess.

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