Clones, where did they come from?

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For anyone who hasn't read it yet this will have some spoilers but nothing of great significance.

I just finished reading the second issue of Static, and apparently Static's sister Sharon has a clone (also called Sharon), did i completly miss something when did this happen, the way she interacts with the family says that she has been around for awhile, but nobody including the two Sharons knows which on is the original or the clone.

I've read the original Static series and some of his Teen titans appearances, did this happen in something that I missed or are McDaniel and Rozum doing a cold-start to try and grab more readers?

personally i find it confusing since their is alot of other stuff going on but with that said if this plays into a futher story line down the road it should be pretty intresting to find out what's going on with the two Sharons

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You beat me to making this thread. Statics not the perfect comic but i still planned to buy it monthly if there is no good explanation this could be the deal braker for me

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The clones tripped me out, too. But, based on Static's dialogue, it seems as if he's responsible for it. 

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It's just random and weird as hell.

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