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Static seeks information at S.T.A.R. Labs in regard to his sisters, only to discover that they've walked in on a heist. Introducing the intangible Phayze, who's out to steal tech that could change the world. How can Static defeat a villain he can't touch, protect his sisters from rampaging drones, and keep his alias a secret? It's just another spark of excitement for this electromagnetic teenager! Featuring the debut of new series new writer Marc Bernardin (THE AUTHORITY, THE HIGHWAYMEN, TV's Alphas) as we begin an exciting new chapter in a young hero's story.

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"You never know where the day's gonna take you." 0

Synopsis: A day at S.T.A.R Labs causes problems for Static and his sisters.At this point, there should be no reason for me to pick up the rest of this series since it's being cancelled, as Static Shock failed to live up to my expectations. However, I'm compelled to read the last remaining issues since there is a new writer, so it doesn't hurt to see what could have brought for this series. Unfortunately, this isn't a great start.After the previous issue, I thought the sisters plot was done and o...

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Shippūden like filler 0

Naruto, the character whose series I am using for comparrisonWhy does this review have a Naruto based title?It simple really, for having relevant filler.Filler, its something no one likes yet helps flesh out the universes. Some fillers such, some are actually good.For example, the original series of Naruto's anime's filler arcs are generally bad (Tea country excluded), while Shippūden's fillers are generally good, because they expand on the plot of the real series.In this comic, we see Static ha...

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