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A spark in the right direction!

Summary and Scans can be viewed here

The Good

Characterization- Still solid writing for Static, Mcduffie would be proud.

Action- The introductory fight was great! I could easily see Gilotina becoming a mainstay of this series.

New Rogues- A whole bunch of people just got mutated, bang babies in New York, and this has potential!

Continuity-Frieda’s inclusion was a nice ode to the original series as well as Static mentioning his lame villains from the original series, sorry long time fans Rubber band man? LAME!

Story- Rozum and Mcdaniel continue to impress me despite a few hiccups. I’m enjoying this story far more than I enjoyed the first four issues of the original Static.

Cover- There’s something sexy about this cover I just can’t put my “Tongue” on it

The Bad

Clones- Sorry but I could care less what happens to Static’s sister, she was always just a useless one line filler background character…..why is having two of her important in any way? Yawn

Double cross- So Pale man is a cop? Thought he was infinitely more interesting when he was just a younger crazier version of Joker. That had potential! This revelation falls flat and leaves me underwhelmed.

The Ugly

Still one of the better Black Books on the shelves 3/5

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