krspacet's Static Shock #1 - Recharged review

Not 100 volts, but still powers the reader's thought bulb

A better time for lightning get ups

Lets face it, the very idea of moving a hero to a new location rarely ends well. Batman does not work well in Malibu, Superman is not welcome in Pyongyang, so on. Static should have been in Dakota, dealing with the threats there. After all, Bang Babies with powers leave nearly endless possibilities for new villains. Also, his old look was better

See, a bang baby...what Static should be fighting

Well, you do run into Guillotina later, but that's another story.

However, despite the change, Static is still himself, and they try to hint that it happened because of an unexpected event. It introduces another Milestone hero, Hardware, shows off Static's attributes well, and all in all, why not as good a comics as Wonder Woman or Aquaman, he still deserves not to have his comic cancelled.

Why him and not some lame comic person like does anyone else think that perhaps, his comic is being cancelled as to allow him to become part of the Teen Titans.... I can always hope


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