ironherc's Static Shock #1 - Recharged review

It's so good it feels like a new season of the TV show

 As I slowly pick up the comics I wanted from the new 52 I'm finally able to pick up this tittle from the young justice section (which I'm also will be getting Blue Beetle and Teen Titans) I got to say I don't regret getting this tittle as it has a great start and can't wait for more as static gets a new status quo as the new defender of NYC
 The issue starts with a bang as static faces off against a dude with a plasma suit who seems to have stole it from STAR Labs and we get an enjoyable action scene well drawn and dynamic as the ones seen on tittles such as ultimate spider-man. After finally stopping the thief with the usual complaining from the bystanders (seems like Flashpoint made the civilians as annoying as the ones from the marvel universe). Before our hero could ask questions the guy is murdered by strange lasers which also would had killed static if it wasn't for his powers. As the issue progresses we learn of vergil's new life in NY as he lives in Harlem and has a part time in STAR labs due to his great intelligence and even has his own freaking base as well. We also take a look at the new rogue's gallery who all seem unique and cool looking as they were responsible of stealing that suit which they were supposed to deliver it to an unknown client and now they sent their assassin Virule to take care of static while they claimed that they never had to deal with heroes in NY (so this is what would happen if you don't have a buch of superheroes in one spot unlike marvel) The final page of the issue ends with a big twist which makes me want to take a look at this series even more now than before.
 The Good
It has everything a good #1 should give us. It gives a nice action sequence, reveals the new life static has as well as his future enemies, and a ending that makes me wanna pick up the next issue
The Bad
I suck at science completely, so some of the stuff static was saying he was doing to fight the plasma powered guy at the beggining was really confusing to me (maybe is just me I don't know) 
Overall: 4/5
A solid start with all the nice requirements to make it a nice number one and a great comic for new readers as well as old ones or even for people who loved the tv show which makes it feel like a sequel to it (with some minor changes of course). Hope next issues go as good or even better


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