jonesdeini's Static Shock #1 - Recharged review

Static Tackles the Big Apple

Virgil Hawkins has left Dakota and taken up residence Uptown. Now he has to adjust to a new school, new job, and a new set of villains.  
The Good 
I really, really this cover despite not being a fan of Scott McDaniel's art. The signs in Time Square having little Easter eggs tucked away was a very nice tough.  
I love the Design changes Made to Static. Virgil's suit looks awesome and his new hover board is a nice upgrade from the trusty manhole cover/trash can lid of old. The changes weren't just done for change sake either there's a perfectly logical in story motivation for Virgil's recent upgrades.  
Rozum does a great job with Virgil's internal and external voice. In and out of costume he really nails Virgil's characterization. I'm glad a trusted Milestone alum like himself was on this title. He does a great job of writing Virgil as the intelligent, positive, confident young man he is. I'm sure McDuffie is proud of how he's handling, arguably, his most important if not greatest creation.  
This book is really a lot of fun an has an early Spider-Man feel to it. We dive right into the action as Static faces off against Sunspot      
The coloring on this book is great and really lends this book a subtle, nostalgic Milestone touch.  
Rozum having Hardware be a big brother/mentor figure for Virgil was a great move and I couldn't be more pleased by it. I can't wait to see how he develops their relationship and I hope he integrates other Milestone Mainstays like Icon and Rocket. Having Hardware set Virgil up and supply him with tech should really make for an interesting series. There conversation about Virgil's "cover" at Wright Tools was great and filled with the subtle social commentary that ran so strongly in McDuffie's work.  
I loved the interaction between Virgil and his family in this issue. I especially liked the bits with him and his sisters. Family's always been a big part of the Static books and I'm glad to see Rozum/McDaniel continuing that tradition. And I don't want to get all soap boxy, but it's nice to see a successful, loving black family in any medium period, but especially comics.  
I like the move to New York and the new opportunities it affords Rozum/McDaniel to come up with new and unique challenges for Virgil. They do a good job of establishing that Virgil is going to be facing off against great odds that he may not be prepared for.  

The Bad 
Many people will be transitioning from the Satic Shock cartoon and most may not have known there were Static comics long before then. If you're expecting to see the show in another medium you'll likely be more than a bit disappointed. There are similarities but Rozum/McDaniel firmly route their Virgil Hawkins in the past comic's mold. As a fan of the Milestone stuff I could more or less open this issue and go full speed, but fans of the animated static or new readers may feel like they're out of the loop. Maybe a traditional origin issue was truly needed to kick this comic off.  
Not a fan of Scott McDaniel's all. I'll give him credit for trying to inject a bit of Denys Cowan's signature style into his own but it just doesn't work for me. There are some nice moments overall, but I just can't get down with his pencils. 
When this book tries to be funny it fails on an epic scale. Which is odd considering how effortlessly humorous Rozum was on Xombi. This book's best and most comedic moments truly happens when it's content to let them happen. Hopefully Rozum/McDaniel take note of this in the future.  
A hero's stories are only as interesting as the threats he faces and these guys are just not doing it for me. Hopefully in future issue's Rozum will give them some of his trademark charm. I also felt like too many villains were featured in this issue. I felt a bit overwhelmed and lost track of names. 
The Verdict 
Rozum/McDaniel waste no time throwing us into the deep end with Virgil in action as static and facing off against a villain straight out the gate. I for one love this approach and hope that other books featuring characters I'm interested in will follow suit. They do a great job of paying homage to the title's past and do a solid job of setting up a potentially intriguing present. Virgil and his supporting cast are really what make this issue work. The biggest knock I have on this book from a story standpoint is the overabundance of villains who don't get enough time to establish themselves beyond, well, being evil. And I'm no fan of Scott McDaniel's artwork. Despite it's flaws this book is just really fun to read. So I would definitely recommend checking it out if you're interested in seeing what Static's all about. 


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