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A Story With A Shocking Ending 0

Another new series Static Shock tells the story of Virgil Hawkins becoming Static Shock. Readers everyone are probably curious about this new series, and so was I.   THE GOOD: I really think that this is one realistic series. When he crashes things people want him to pay for it. It starts off in action and I think that is good for a lot of readers that want to see what this hero can do. Static thinks really highly of himself and I think that makes for an interesting story. I liked this story not...

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Static now a hero of New York instead of Dakota 0

  Cover I liked the cover for this issue. The art was pretty cool and I really liked how they drew Statics powers. It was very cool. So, I was kind of excited to read this issue. Story Static has moved to New York from Dakota. Now he has to get use to being a hero in New York and working for STAR Labs. Best Part I liked that in this issue they did not change Virgil’s personality. From the tv show and the other comics this is Virgil’s personality and I am glad they stayed true to that. A...

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Who The Hell Is This Chump? 0

That’s a really good question asked by Piranha that Scott McDaniel is not interested in answering. Grant Morrison wasn’t really interested in that either, but Grant Morrison was writing about a young Superman. McDaniel and Rozum take tremendous liberties in assuming that readers know anything about Virgil Ovid Hawkins.Everything I know about Static Shock comes from watching four or five episodes of his Saturday morning cartoon back in 2000. It’s been eleven years and I hardly remember any of it....

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Static Tackles the Big Apple 0

Virgil Hawkins has left Dakota and taken up residence Uptown. Now he has to adjust to a new school, new job, and a new set of villains.   The Good I really, really this cover despite not being a fan of Scott McDaniel's art. The signs in Time Square having little Easter eggs tucked away was a very nice tough.    I love the Design changes Made to Static. Virgil's suit looks awesome and his new hover board is a nice upgrade from the trusty manhole cover/trash can lid of old. The changes weren't jus...

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It's so good it feels like a new season of the TV show 0

 As I slowly pick up the comics I wanted from the new 52 I'm finally able to pick up this tittle from the young justice section (which I'm also will be getting Blue Beetle and Teen Titans) I got to say I don't regret getting this tittle as it has a great start and can't wait for more as static gets a new status quo as the new defender of NYC   The issue starts with a bang as static faces off against a dude with a plasma suit who seems to have stole it from STAR Labs and we get an enjoyable actio...

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Well, He Is Definitely Way Smarter Than I Am 0

The new Static Shock does some things wrongs but does more things right, making it overall a welcome new title in DC's line of books. By finding a unique voice for the lead character, John Rozum and Scott McDaniel narrowly avoid having Static fall into the trap of coming off as a generic teen superhero. But their reliance on Milestone continuity does more harm than good when it comes to their chances with new readers.  Rather than restarting Static from scratch, this relaunch features his reloca...

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Superhero, Static Shock! (Whoo Whoo!) 0

The Good: People's opinions are very divided when it comes to Scott McDaniel's art. I happen to be on the side the very much enjoys it. And his art is very fitting for Static. It's cartoony in all the right ways, and the electricity and energy looks damn COOL. Everything is bright and animated without being kiddish. The attitude of the art is somewhere right in the middle of Denys Cowen and DCAU. A perfect representation of this new series. I can definitely feel John Rozum;s touch in the plot de...

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Static - Good but another missed opportunity 0

This is probably one of the better DCnU titles that have come out this week. That's not too hard mind you, but it is something. This launch of this title does almost everything right. It introduces the main character and his personality. It briefly exposes you to the supporting cast and even demonstrates his powers and such. It also nicely sets up at least 2 storylines for the foreseeable future and those two story lines can last quite a long time so there is plenty of material there.   But ther...

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Static makes his debut in the New DC. 0

Synopsis: Static finally gets his own series in the new DC Universe. What's Good? Static maintains the same characterization from the previous stories in both DC and Milestone which is great. What makes him likeable for me, is that he's so much like the younger Peter Parker who wants to do great in the world with his powers. Not only that, but he's an African-American superhero (Myself being African-American). I also enjoyed the appearance of another Milestone character who's well known. While I...

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This comic "Disarmed" me. 0

The greatest gift Dwayne McDuffie gave comics was a voice for minority. Minority in not just the black culture, but in the spirit of the word. McDuffie knew that:" If you do a black character or a female character or an Asian character, then they aren't just that character. They represent that race or that sex, and they can't be interesting because everything they do has to represent an entire block of people. You know, Superman isn't all white people and neither is Lex Luthor. We knew we had to...

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Guess who's back! 0

Summary and scans here!The GoodHardware- Who told these guys I wanted Hardware because lord knows I’ve been dieing for dc to use him in any capacity! My man Curt is now essentially Static’s mentor…his “oracle” if you will as well as his financial backer. Awesome way of keeping Static‘s ties to Dakota and the Milestone brand despite his relocation.Costume- I can easily say this is my favorite static shock costume EVER! hated the original, didn’t care much for the cartoon version but this? oh lord...

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what did i miss? 0

let me start off by saying, i got interested in static shock from the cartoon series and the only amount of his comic version i am exposed to is a little of his brief appearance in the teen titans comics (which his appearance in that was the reason i was following teen titans for a bit). so it's safe to say that even though i am a fan... i am not completely knowledgeable about the character.Likes:Static is back, seems great, finally seeing what static is like in the comics.the cover is really ni...

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Hero From Dakota, Is Back 0

The hero from Dakota is back with his own monthly title. Static Shock is ready to bring a shock to your system!The GoodI'm a fan of Static Shock. His TV show was one of the best at the time, even getting itself four seasons! However, when it ended with more of a cliffhanger [which most shows now end like] it seemed that Static would easily transfer to comics. It was okay, but it didn't always turned out right. I like how New 52 is giving lots of characters a chance to be in the big leagues with ...

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This makes me really miss the show and Dwayne 0

Mr. McDuffie you are one my heroes...l like McDaniel's style , but it really serves him well in denoting the power behind the characters he draws. His Static is maybe a little too stocky for a teen, but I can live with that if it helps to elevate Static into more of a DC star by emphasizing his action-oriented power.The emphasis on science may be slowing down the action a mite. Which is difficult for me to say, having been raised on Schwartz, Fox, and Broome “super-science”. Granted, there is a ...

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Not 100 volts, but still powers the reader's thought bulb 0

A better time for lightning get upsLets face it, the very idea of moving a hero to a new location rarely ends well. Batman does not work well in Malibu, Superman is not welcome in Pyongyang, so on. Static should have been in Dakota, dealing with the threats there. After all, Bang Babies with powers leave nearly endless possibilities for new villains. Also, his old look was betterSee, a bang baby...what Static should be fightingWell, you do run into Guillotina later, but that's another story.Howe...

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