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Next to nothing is known about Katherine Pearson ; she reportedly received her powers during an alien abduction, when her captors experimented on bio-generated energy manipulation.

When Battlestone and Kayo started assembling the Brigade superhero group, she was the last to be recruited. She soon proved to be an important tactical asset. Stasis was part of the first documented Brigade operation (a mostly botched strike against hostage-taking terrorists), and was then caught in a fight against alien prince Genocide. Along with the team she was teleported to Genocide’s home world, D’vor, but they made it back to Earth after three months in space. Team member Atlas was killed whilst escaping from D’vor.

Just as they landed and exited their spaceship, Brigade was ambushed by the Bloodstrike governmental team. A priority target, Stasis was shot between the eyes before anybody could realise something was going on. Battlestone’s subsequent attempts to resurrect Stasis was foiled by Bloodstrike operatives.


Stasis seemed to be reserved, perhaps even a bit shy (though her costume might rule out the later). She was far from being gung ho, and usually spoke up to express doubts and ask questions. After three months with the other in a small spaceship, she was completely fed up with the team, seeing them as macho idiots or sycophants to the macho idiots. She had in fact quit the team seconds before she was shot, making her murder even more gratuitous.

Powers and Abilities

Stasis can weave “anti-motion fields, effectively neutralising all kinetic energy within the target zone”. Erecting such a field requires significant concentration, and she stays largely immobile and gazing at her field. Apparently, gesturing helps set up the field. Particularly powerful opponents can beat her field, though.

Stasis was in good shape and somewhat athletic, but not remarkably so.

Basically, she’s an area-of-effect debuff-bot. No wonder her player got bored and exited the campaign.

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