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The fourth volume in this super hero's anthology, STARMAN: TIMES PAST takes a revealing look back at the different men who have adopted the guise of Starman. For the past sixty years, Ted Knight and his two sons have selflessly protected the citizens of Opal City. When one has fallen, another has risen to take his place. But although they all shared a common name, each of these men waged his war against crime in his own fashion. From the cool, calculating mind of the scientific patriarch to the brash and impulsive actions of his youngest son, this book provides an insightful look at a heroic family steeped in honor and integrity.

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There were others: among them were Jack's brother David; a castaway from the stars named Mikaal; Gavyn; the prince of a distant galactic empire; and Jack's father, of course --- Ted Knight, the first to carry the weighty mantle of Starman.

And before Ted first donned the red and green and patrolled the streets of Opal City, another served as its protector and caretaker of the city's many secrets: a shadowy, shadowy gentleman known only as the Shade.

These are their stories.

Tales of Times Past.

STARMAN: TIMES PAST is a stirring collection of seven stories written by Eisner Award-winning writer and Starman co-creator James Robinson (THE GOLDEN AGE, Leave It to Chance) and illustrated by Teddy H. Kristiansen (HOUSE OF SECRETS: FOUNDATION) , Matt Smith, John Watkiss, Graig Hamilton, J.H. Williams III (Justice Riders), Phil Jimenez (THE INVISIBLES: BLOODY HELL IN AMERICA) and Lee Weeks (BATMAN CHRONICLES: THE GAUNTLET).

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