dbzmaster789's Starman Omnibus #2 - Vol. 2 review

Starman Just Gets Better And Better


Jack Knight's Story continues in many Adventures and Challenges to overcome. The best Story is of course Sand And Stars Featuring The Golden Age Sandman. Demon Quest Is Also A Gem, More Talking With David and You Even Learn More About Lesser know Starman Prince Gavyn, Awesome Times Past And More Insight Into The Shade's Origin.


Many Artists But Tony Harris Is The Best And He Gets Even Better, Second Best is Craig Hamilton Who Does Issue 28 A Times Past Focusing On Mikaal Tomas

Favorite Quotes

Way Too Many but The Top 2 Are

Jack Knight-Its An Honor Mr.Dodds

The Shade- This is How A Hero Acts not one such as Me.


Another great Volume That Adds To The Great Story Of StarmanAnd Opal City. I Can see Why Sand and Stars  has so much critical acclaim It Made The Golden Age Resonate With Current Times In A way Ive Only Seen Maybe Once Or Twice. Jack Continues Shining Brightly .

Posted by longbowhunter

I've read through this entire series and the Jack Knight / Wesley Dodds team up is one of the best arcs. Glad to hear your enjoying this book so much.

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