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Special, extra-sized anniversary issue! The two Starmen--Jack and Mikaal--encounter the 30th Century's Legion of Super-Heroes. Teaming up with Legionnaire Star Boy, our heroes finally learn the secrets of Mikaal's cosmic origin, and the fate of Jack's immortal friend, the Shade! "Stars My Destination" part 3.

Jack, Mikaal, and the Mother Box are stranded in 2998 and encounter Star Boy and Umbra from the Legion. They join in the fight against the dark colossus (that transported them to the future in the first place), and find that the cause of it is the Shade, who has survived into the 30th century. Using their cosmic powers, Jack and Mikaal cure the Shade from the "blackness disease" (given to him by his archenemy Culp 1,000 years ago) and thus end the threat of the dark colossus.

Mikaal’s power is restored and he learns from Umbra that he is he is a Talokian like she - and destined to become one of the greatest heroes of their race. Star Boy reluctantly learns from the Shade that he is destined to travel back to the 21st century and become a Starman some time after Jack.

Jack, Mikaal, and the Mother Box leave the 30th century and find themselves transported to the planet Krypton - sixteen years before it exploded.

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