the_mighty_monarch's Starman #1000000 - All the Starlight Shining review

The Legacy of Illuminated Space

The Good: There's not as much to say about this cover as most of the previous DC One Million covers, but I still have to keep praising that inferior 3D used to convey the whole sense of the future beyond comprehension. Also, it was that first time I really noticed how epic Future Starman's costume is. It's got a cluster of stars instead of a logo, and it makes the thing look empty and infinite at the same time.
The issue begins with an almost non-sequiter of a framing device, showing us things on the other side of the story. It's an inner monologue told by Starman's Space Citadel. It's an amazing narration, with intense emotionals, very powerful imagery, and a great sense of the futre that is impossible for our current level of minds to completely understand. It doesn't go anywhere story-wise, but it's a beautiful scene that enhances the space quality of this issue.
The artwork looks more modern than the other One Million issue. Snejbjerg knows how to make excellent use of shadows to set the 'late evening' mood to the story, and has a few perfectly chose panels to set the mood.
The tie-in to a running plotline is much more effective than the offhanded mention in Green Lantern. This issue uses the tie-in as a plot device to jump-start the conversation between Starmen. Followers of the series don't feel cheated, and new readers don't feel alienated.
This issue does a great job weaving the idea of a legacy. Robinson plays around a lot with all sorts of teases of Starman's legac, giving us a spotty history lesson on the history of Starman to come. It's a pretty realistic approach to a recap like that, and it's a lot of fun to see how things will be shaped here and there.
The story is incredibly deep and emotional. Something is very down-to-earth and innocent about it. Reading this issue made me feel like I was a kid again, staring up into the sky on the beach at night. Thing's aren't super tense, but it works. It's pretty unique, especially among DC One Million.
There's a great sense about Solaris' plot have a bigger picture angle to it, and when Solaris' plan is already a humungous picture, that's an intriguing notion.
What this issue is, more than anything, is deeply psychological. The dialogue between Original Starman and Future Starman is almost one between a psychiatrist and a patient, or a father and a son. It's so soothing, even when we get into some heavier moments. Future Starman's reactions to revealing his secret perplex even himself, and forces it to take a look at himself, and reaffirms his identity.
The Bad: A little light on the action for some people.
Future Starman's motivations might seem a little cliche.
In Conclusion: 5/5
This issue is just socalmly intense. The deep psychological insights we get (directly on Future Starman but subtly on Original Starman), the innocently shadowed artwork, and the odd aproach to plot; all set this apart from the rest of DC One Million, and lo and behond to superhero comics in general. I really appreciate deeper issues like this, and even though I don't know Starman AT ALL, this issue still rang so close to my heart.


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