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Young Tolo Hawk sees his opportunity for revenge when trouble befalls his captors. But will he be willing to take advantage of this chance…especially once he finds out what their real motives are? 
The Starjammer hangs dead in space for hours. Without light to fuel their photosynthesis, the plant-based Thorns begin to die. Eventually, only Captain Kalyx is left alive. Tolo escapes from his cell and rampages through the ship, killing a few Thorns himself along the way while evading Raza and Ch'od. At last, he finds a dying Captain Kalyx on the bridge. Before Tolo can kill him, though, Kalyx explains to Tolo what the aim of the Starjammers really is, to rescue the hundreds of thousands of hyrax seeds kidnapped by the U.D.C.. Hyrax is not simply a drug, it is the seed of the Thorns. The Comittee has been hording and consuming countless unborn Thorn Children. 
Shocked by the knowledge that the U.I.R. could commit this act of genocide, Tolo begins to wonder if his original perception of the Starjammers as heartless killers is correct. He decides to give them the benefit of the doubt for now and help get the ship back to safety...







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