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Young Tolo Hawk has been through hell, and as far as he’s concerned, the interstellar pirates called the Starjammers are responsible for every minute of it. So what could happen to change his opinion of these uncouth pirates? This naïve cadet and these gruff corsairs may have more in common than they thought… 
Despite his best efforts not to be captured alive. Tolo is taken captive aboard the pirate ship, where he is forced into menial labor. Raza, though gruff and uncompromising, takes the kid under his wing, saving his life when the other Thorn pirates want to kill him. When Raza tries to convince the patriotic cadet that his Union Defense Corps have committed atrocities against other races, Tolo refuses to believe him, though a seed of doubt is planted. 
When the Starjammer encounters and raids a U.D.C. cargo ship, Tolo begs Captain Kalyx not to kill the innocent crewmen, and Kalyx grudgingly agrees. The crewmen take their story back to Princess Sabra who, manipulated ba Anazar Prime, issues a decree that the Starjammers are to be stopped at all costs. 
Soon afterward, two U.D.C. attack vipers close in on the Starjammer. The space pirates look doomed, but before the battle can begin, a tremendous energy storm blasts the vipers and the Starjammer, leaving them all dead in space. Seeing his chance to escape, Tolo makes his move...







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