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Best-selling “Dune” novelist KEVIN J. ANDERSON and superstar artist ALE GARZA bring you the swashbuckling story of your favorite interstellar pirates – THE STARJAMMERS! Young Tolo Hawk is a fresh-faced cadet in the Union Corps who dreams of a long and glorious military career. What will happen when he comes face to face with the lawless, rough and ready Starjammers? 
Aboard the diplomatic yacht Kurnit Corona, wide-eyed young cadet Tolo Hawk travels with his proud father to the royal planet Kinshaa, capital of the Union of Intelligent Races, to begin training in the Union Defense Corps. Also on the ship is the beautiful Princess Sabra, who will soon ascend to the throne left empty by the assassination of her father, and her advisor, Verdian Terce, a member of the secretly evil Committee. 
In private, Terce communicates secretly with his master Anazar Prime, while both of them consume a dose of the illegal narcotic Hyrax. Verdian reveals that the Kurnit Corona carries a large shipment of Hyrax onboard, and that the Committee intends to murder Princess Sabra before her coronation and blame the act on the space pirates known as the Starjammers. 
Alarms sound on the Kurnit Corona: the ship has been boarded by the vicious Starjammers, the half-cyborg Raza, the amphibious Ch'od and a crew of treelike aliens called Thorns, led by the terrible Captain Kalyx. Urging his father to stay safe in their cabin, Tolo takes up a ceremonial pistol and prepares to face the pirates...

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