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Starion is the leader of a group of assassins called the Dread Dealers. The Dealers hide out in a warehouse somewhere in Upstate New York where Starion plans to take in a young female child into their group instead of having her move from foster home to foster home. The young girl's name is Miranda and she receives an apple from Starion as he reveals his true name as Denny. Starion is stunned when Miranda knows his true identity and the Dread Dealers are wanted by SHIELD. Miranda was an elaborate illusion and turned out to be Ripcord of the New Warriors. The rest of the New Warriors crash through the roof of the warehouse and the Dread Dealers get shrunk by some Pym Particles. All four assassins are detained inside some type of bubble when a SHIELD Hit Squad appears to arrest the New Warriors. Whether Starion and the rest of the Dread Dealers are killed or escape during the fight remains to be seen. 

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