Whatever happened to Eros?

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He was a key player in the Marvel Universe quite a while ago in the mid-200s Avengers, and all. But with the exception of some She-Hulk appearances 2 years ago, he hasn't really had much exposure.

Hercules was the same for a while, but since the Civil War, he's really come back as a prominent character. Especially in WWH.

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I have no idea!?

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My guess is someone decided he was too creepy to be marketable.

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Old forum, but he's still alive, lives currently on Saturn's moon Titan, then goes on vacation in space every rainy season to religiously go screw every female alien he sets his eyes on. With the exception of She-Hulk, who did indeed kick him square in the legendary bojangles.

Oh and Thanos still hates his guts too.

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He's out there doing this somewhere, watch out ladies!

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