Create an unbeatable villains to battle Star Fleet.

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Just for fun create a team of villains who want to destroy or conquer Star Fleet and the Federation of Planets and the whole galaxy.

You are limited to the Star Trek universe of characters in any official media.

You should Choose a ship and individuals to join the team. Try to be logical, but also be creative and have fun.

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The title should have said "Create an unbeatable villains team to battle Star Fleet."

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I would take the Romulun (Apologies if I've spelt that wrong) vessel from the reboot, with Kahn as captain. I would then have the Borg Queen (First Contact) and a few drones to start off with. I would also add a couple of Klingon warriors for a bit of brawn; but this team is quite unlikely to bond well as Borg would want to assimilate the others unless Kahn could bargain with them.

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