Why did Dick Grayson and Starfire break up?

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How did Starfire and Dick Grayson end up breaking up?  Sorry for being out of the DC loop for too long but I really liked them as a couple and they were together for so long...What exactly brought about the end to their relationship and do you think there is a chance they'll patch things up again later?  I always enjoyed their romance and think it would suck if Dick ended up like Bruce, never finding a special someone and ending up alone, or if Kory ended up losing the man she loved after everything they've been through together as Titans and Outsiders.

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Im not 100% certain but i believe the called it quits when they were about to get married and Raven (who was evil at the time) seduced Dick or something like that in to being her follower and he left Starfire. He was later released when Raven was captured or helped and im not sure why they never got back together. They have slept together since then but he has told her that he doesnt love her and she is now with the R.E.B.E.L.S. because she cant be on the same planet as Dick when they arent together.Sounds like she has a friends with benefits thing going on.
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@DEGRAAF:   Nice guy that Dick Grayson >_<
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They drifted apart (or he drifted away from her) after Donna died, Dick distanced himself from everyone close to him and went on to lead the Outsiders. Kori would later join the same squad in hopes of making him less distant from his teammates. It's not been fully explained why he choose to leave her, but it might have been that they both were so easilly baited by Lust, one of Raven's brothers. 
But the nightmare wedding might have played a part in it and the events following it, where Starfire distanced herself from him to complete a ritual she was to have comepleted at an erlier age, think Dick admitted he only proposed to her to have atleast one good thing going for him, as he was extremely stressed at that time. 
Just a side note to DEGRAAF; Nightwing never joined Evil Raven, a future version of him called Deathwing did (he was from the same time line as the Team Titans, only a scumbag instead of a hero), what happened to him is left unknown. 
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Here's as much as i have. I know that in this it is just a dream but this is just one of their problems













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Those two belong together so badly it's not funny.

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It's been a while since I've read the series, but the mechanics behind the breakup  had to do with the editors pulling Dick Grayson out of the Titans so that the Batman comics could use him more. The Titans writers had actually planned for Dick and Kory to marry and live happily ever after (or the closest a superhero couple could manage to that.) 
The weird part was that there was no 'official" breakup. After the wedding fiasco, they were supposed to have a rooftop meeting and talk it out but Kory just didn't show up. She flew off, apparently to the Amazon, because she was going through some sort of Tamaranian coming of age event, which involved her flipping out and becoming more feral. She even burned off most of her hair with a starbolt, so for a short time she had shorter hair. Dick Grayson tracks her down and she doesn't remember him. She eventually leaves the planet, marries a Tamaranian general; at one point she says she's in love with him, and at another she said it was sort of political. At one point in the story she is supposed to be pregnant (presumably her husband's child, but then it is retconned to be the good bit of Raven's soul, which was transmitted when Raven attacked/ kissed her at the wedding.  The book was going downhill at the time, so it's hard to remember exactly what happened.  
As far as I know, there wasn't an official breakup until Kory asked Dick in the last Titans incarnation, if he was in love with her (because he was sleeping with her), and he said no. As far ask I know, Kory is still in love with him. (Kory said when she gave Dick Grayson her heart, it wasn't a loan.) but Dick seems to have moved on - with SEVERAL women.

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