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He was created by Fletcher Hanks in the 1940s.

Stardust the Super Wizard constantly monitors space for criminal activity from his private star. This equipment is varied an advanced, ranging from what appears to be a miniature color television (well ahead of its time for the comic's 1940s publication) to thought-reading devices. The most useful of these is the crime detector, which can apparently pick up a wide spectrum of criminal intent ranging from fifth-column subterfuge, to the artificial enlarging and training of Venusian vultures to attack Earth.

Not reliant on his gadgets, Stardust himself possesses a dizzying arsenal of "rays" or "beams" (probably some sort of specific radiation) to handle a variety of crises. The extent of his options is never fully defined and may be limitless. Stardust's documented powers include:

  • Demolishing spacecraft with "fusing rays".
  • Sending armies across interplanetary distances with a "propelling beam".
  • Forcing bomber planes to swerve off course.
  • Expanding specific portions of the body with a "transforming ray", apparently also preventing any physiological trauma.
  • Transforming enemies into worms.
  • Transforming enemies into icicles that melt away.
  • Transforming enemies into "monster" rats, in one case retaining the head of a man.
  • Creating, or transforming himself into a panther to hunt said rats.

Stardust is also a proficient hand-to-hand fighter, in case when he is unable or unwilling to use his rays.

Being a highly knowledgable interplanetary scientist, Stardust knows of many exotic locations in space he use to punish criminals. Stardust transports himself through space at terrific speeds by way of his "tubular special", but when on Earth seems capable of teleporting to locations with a star-shaped flash of light.

Though Stardust is by all accounts an alien, his appearance is largely humanoid (similar to Superman). However, he is significantly larger - ranging from eight to twelve feet tall - and able to hold a man around the torso with one fist (although it's a tight squeeze).

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