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Starcraft 1

The Cover

Possibly the best thing about this comic is the cover and even that is nothing really special. It has the flashy Starcraft logo at the top so you wont miss it on the shelf. The scene give the impression of a rouge Terran squad  standing around some heavy guns and a few battle cruisers in the sky to give you more connection with the game.. and honestly theres more on the front cover to tie to the game than you'll find in the story.

The Story  

What can you say about a Starcraft comic. I'm sure if you asked anyone familiar with the franchise what they would want, no expect from a comic in the Starcraft universe is a story that deals with Terran forces facing massive waves of blood thirsty Zerg, dramatic battle alongside  the mighty Protos and mentions of Kerrigan, Zeratul, Raynor, Mengsk.

What we actually got in issue 1 was a dramatic first page of terran solider facing and indistinct jumble with a Zerg face in it. then lots of running away with a Zerg-like face on the edges of shot... and thats your lot! Not even a recognisable beast from the game to draw you in. Then we are treated to a few pages of political drivel, you remember how much we all loved that in the Star War prequels.

Oh.. then heres something hopeful.. a battle in the rain between blasted buildings.. mention of a goliath! Could this be the comic starting proper? No.. no it isn't we see a few shots fired at an unseen enemy and thats over with. We don't even get to see a goliath in any detail just its legs.


The artwork looks bland, messy and lacking in detail. The faces of the characters are so flat and characterless you get no real attachment to the characters and barely any expression from them. Its sorely missing any really connection to the games. The Zerg we have seen are bland, flat, shaped a bit like creatures from the game but unidentifiable.

The section where the terran's battle in the rain is actually quiet effective. and is rather  atmospheric. I put that down to the lack of up close faces and the inherent drama in the scene. But its over all too soon and ends as quickly as it starts and really doesn't give us any connection to the characters or situation.


Almost certainly this has been rushed out with the minimum of effort to tie in with the game and sell a few comics off the back of the game. However I don't see anyone sticking with this series past issue 2 if something doesn't happen and they offer us something more than vague promise.  
Its not a dead loss by any means but you need something here. You didn't buy Starcraft ][ for the story you bought it for the action and the same goes here too.


If you like Starcraft and collect related merchandise.. this is something you can add to the collection inexpensively.. If you loved the political sections of the prequel trilogy of Star Wars this is for you. Otherwise totally avoid.



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