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Locked and Loaded
Benjamin Warner was an average novelist hoping that his novel would be published. While he was just an average guy, his novel wasn't average. As a kid, Ben was adopted at a very young age and had no recollection of his biological parents. Ben's adopted parents didn't even know where or who his biological parents were. So growing up with that thought, he figured out that he was the sole survivor of a doomed world somewhere in a galaxy far, far, away. Thinking that he had superpowers, Ben constantly tried to activate his powers, but to his knowledge all he gained was broken bones. Finally having enough with his craziness, his parents wanted him to visit a Psychologist to talk out his child-like delusions. While his thoughts of having powers were suppressed, ideals replaced having powers and being an alien.  
With being a kid who thought having powers and being an alien was cool, he only had one friend. Tara Takamoto was his only friend from 8-years-old all the way through college. After college, Tara left Ben and he decided to create a novel about all the aliens and conflicts he had thought up. With having his first novel completed and ready to send to a publisher, Ben started to create a second novel which was still in the works. After his novel was rejected, Ben decided his life was nothing but being in a dead end job and having a minimum pay. However, when he met Tara years after college, his life changed dramatically. Tara was found to be an alien from a different world, and Ben was also from that world! Ben is not only an alien, but also the last standing heir to his father's kingdom. Ben is struggling with being an alien and trying to survive his father's powerful nemesis.

Character Evolution

Major Story Arcs

Powers and Abilities

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