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Facts before commentary. IESB reports that another STAR WARS cartoon is on track to join CLONE WARS. This one, however, with the working title “Squishies” will be based on the Galactic Heroes toyline and, thus, directed at the wee ones in the Pre-K department.  Those are the facts.
 It'll be based on these...

 Basically the fourth prequel.
Considering that this isn’t aimed at guys my age, nor do I have any kids, odds are I won’t be checking it out.  I do find this announcement funny for a number of reasons, although probably not the reasons you’re expecting. First, I was (GASP! SHOCK!) huge fan of the prequels and remember feeling a mildly-upsetting sense of finality while walking out of REVENGE OF THE SITH in 2005. After six plus years of rumors and anticipation, it was kind of crazy to wrap my hand around the notion that that was it, especially in this business of indefinitely-continuing franchises. That’s the last time you’ll ever see a new STAR WARS movie in theaters.  

 "If it's successful..."
Cut to summer 2008 and I’m watching the CLONE WARS movie in a theater, realizing  that there’s no such thing as “never” in entertainment.  Sure, it wasn’t exactly the same thing, but nevertheless, here was a new STAR WARS movie, coming out on roughly the same three-year release schedule I’d gotten used to. Then at the end of last year, after seeing the sheer number of kids scooping up SW toys while I was Christmas shopping for my nieces, I became abundantly aware that this franchise isn’t going anywhere.  We’ve already got the CLONE WARS toon that’s a big hit and we're just waiting until that live-action show comes out after what’s seemed like 20 years. 

I always find it amusing that Lucas qualifies his statements about the prospect of future SW shows by saying they’ll do more if these are successful. Yeah, if they’re successful. Like that really is in question. 

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NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! George Lucas, how could you?! 
First you do the sh***y Holiday Special, then you do Clone Wars which I guess is okay, and now you're doing this?! 
George Lucas, you're dead to me! Until you do a live action Star Wars film or TV're dead to me! 
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So... like a super-Hero Squad kinda thing? but more babyish?

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@Moomin123:  ha ha relax its not the end of the world dude.
@Mr.Hulk_Smashin'! said:
" So... like a super-Hero Squad kinda thing? but more babyish? "

Ya it sounds like they saw Marvel base a tv show on the same figures as these (superhero squad, glactic heros= same thing) so they want to do the same thing to capatalize on the brave and bold and superhero squad crowd. Smart move on their part really. get them while they are young ha ha. I dont know that this will be more babyish since they are going for the same demographic as these shows, so most likly be following the same format as superher squad. But who knows maybe it will be.
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is like george lucas was in a darth vader suit and tell i am your father and i am luke i will scream hurraay but thats not part of the line so i most scream what I feel NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
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george lucas must be on the mission to ruin star wars.

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seems like a good way to get a new generation into Star Wars....good for them

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@danhimself said:
" seems like a good way to get a new generation into Star Wars....good for them "
star wars has no problem in getting new generations into it.
Strange creatures, lasers, light sabers, and unique characters always will catch the eye of a child.
My 4 year old nephew is absolutely crazy about star wars.
but i see where you are coming from.
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@danhimself said:
"seems like a good way to get a new generation into Star Wars....good for them "

Seemd to be copied! 

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@sora_thekey: Actually, they both stem from the Hasbro toy lines.  I don't know where to find release dates, but I remember seeing the Star Wars toys in stores before the Marvel ones.  I don't know how these things work, but I imagine Hasbro has the licenses and decides to make a new toy line, they run the idea by the license owner for approval, then make the toys.  Then the license owner sees how well the toys are doing and says, "Hey, them toys're really popular, lets migrate that concept to what we do!"  And so you get the comics and cartoons.
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the first films are awsome. I really could have done with out the second three. The Droids cartoon was ok. But i can not get into Clone Wars. It is just to darn ugly to watch.
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Oh for god sakes! When will we have a Star Wars movie/tv show in this day and age aimed towards people with fully developed brains!?!?

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George, what are you doing?             

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See the funny thing is...knowing George Lucas...and what he's done with The Clone Wars...this "WILL BE CANON!" and fans subsequently will mindlessly defend its terribleness. You know, because anything that’s made canon these days sucks, meaning …don’t tell some of the fans that. They’ll cry at night.    

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I know what I won't be watching.

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.....Son of a bitch.

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George Lucas went from the darkest movie in the series then the gayest whats next will Darth Vader wear a nappy.

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