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Ulic and Vima are sparring on Rhen Var. Ulic tells her that she is getting over-confident. Vima doesn't believe it. She playfully irritates Ulic and tears the chain from his neck. Ulic dashes after Vima and corners her upon a cliff. Then he tells her that such life and death decisions often come in the life of a Jedi and she must act tactfully. He leaves. 
Nomi reaches Rhen Var in her spaceship. She finds an unused hangar and lands her craft. Then she goes inside Ulic's fortress, all the time feeling sorry for Vima. 
Sylvar and Hoggon arrive upon Rhen Var. Hoggon asks her if she would need back-up. Sylvar replies that it won't be necessary. 

Nomi finds them quickly enough. Ulic is embarrassed by her presence and turns away. Vima says that Ulic has made her a Jedi and she wants to complete her training under him. Nomi agrees to her request. Vima takes her ouside and shows her the sculpture that they had made sometime before. 
Ulic sits content upon his throne. He has taught Vima all that he knows. He is finally at peace. But not for long. Sylvar comes inside and blames him for the death of Crado. Ulic says that he brought his end upon himself. Sylvar unleashes her lightsaber and engages him in combat. 
Nomi and Vima hears the sounds of struggle. Vima rushes to Ulic's aid. 
Ulic and Sylvar battle with each other. Eventually, they come to a precipice. Ulic de-activates his lightsaber and says that he won't resist her. Sylvar brings down her lightsaber, but stops inches from Ulic's throat. She tells him that it is he who has freed her of her anger. 
Suddenly, an energy blast rips out Ulic's chest. Hoggon has shot him from behind. He starts bragging, but Sylvar warns him of his would be imminent death, if not for the man he just shot. Hoggon flees. 
Dying, Ulic asks Nomi to forgive him. Nomi giver him all of her love. Ulic gifts Vima the chain he always wore and calls her a "Jedi". He dies in Nomi's arms. Then he vanishes like a true Jedi master who would become one with the Force. Nomi is speechless. Vima pays her last respects and says that she shall always remember her master.

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I enjoyed the Tales of the Jedi series back before there were even a hint of Episodes I-III.  After the end of Sith War, Ulic hid to get away from behind a Jedi turned Sith.  Seeing him train Vima to be a Jedi made for an interesting story as well as the other's reactions to both his training and continual survival.    Seeing as Ulic featured in all the Tales of the Jedi trades, this felt more like a Ulic saga or what if Anakin Skywalker existed then instead of now.  I would defintely recommend ...

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