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Sylvar is roaming around her planet insearch for a blood hunt. She knows by the rules of her clan that a blood hunt will purge her, will free her of the growing darkness inside her. She chances upon a prey and kills it. Sitting beside her hunt, not for once does Sylvar find the peace of mind that she so badly needs.

Crado's death and Ulic's disappearance are a heavy burden to her.

Suddenly, Sylvar feels a presence behind her. She attacks him, only to find that he is a messenger from Nomi Sunrider. Sylvar reads about the disappearance of Vima Sunrider and resolves to go to Exis Station.

Upon Rhen Var, inside Ulic's fortress, Vima concentrates upon the Force. Ulic has never seen such dedication in someone. He has taught Vima everything he knows. Now he tells Vima that she should buld her lightsaber. Vima takes her father's Adegan crystals with her. Shortly, she builds her own lightsaber. Ulic unleashes his own. Vima asks him to teach her its usage. Ulic spars with her and remembers his early days.

Upon Exis Station, the guards drag Hoggon out of Nomi's room. They do not believe Hoggon. Hoggon resolves to find Sylvar and give her the information on Ulic.

Back on Rhen Var, Vima is still learning the lightsaber skills. Ulic tells her that he has taught her everything he knows. He cannot teach her anymore. Ulic says that he cannot feel the Force.

Vima says that he could do sculpture. Ulic agrees.

Upon Exis Station, Nomi feels Vima's abscence. She regrets not having heeded to her requests. She also knows that Ulic would never harm Vima. Sylvar arrives in her room. Nomi tells her about Vima's current status. Sylvar gets angry and prepares to leave. When Nomi tries to stop her, Sylvar says that Nomi should focus her mind.

Hoggon sees Sylvar and comes up to her. Sylvar gets mad when he mentions Ulic's name. Hoggon tells her that he could take her to Ulic's place. Sylvar agrees.

Upon Rhen Var, Ulic is building a scaffolding with Vima's help. They will try sculpture. Ulic sculpts out a face of his master Arca.

Vima builds her father's face. Vima is satisfied with what Ulic has taught her.

Upon Exis Station, Nomi is worried. She resolves to leave everything and find her daughter. She decides to go to Rhen Var.

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